Before your procedure

Q. Do I need to contact you before my procedure?

There is no need to contact us. We will send you anaesthetic information via text message or email as soon as we are notified of your procedure by your surgeon's rooms. This will include general information about anaesthetic, an introduction to your anaesthetist, and details of your anaesthetic fee.

Q. Can I eat and drink before my anaesthetic?

"Fasting" is important to ensure your stomach is free from food or liquid at the time of your procedure. Inadequate fasting may result in your procedure being delayed or postponed to another day. Please follow the guidelines below.

MORNING PROCEDURE: Finish all meals by midnight prior. This includes milk products and orange juice. Clear fluids (water, cordial, clear apple juice) are allowed until 0500.

AFTERNOON PROCEDURE: Finish all meals by 0700. This includes milk products and orange juice. Clear fluids (water, cordial, clear apple juice) are allowed until 1100.

Q. I am on regular medications. Should I take them prior to my procedure?

Blood thinners: Your surgeon will tell you if you need to stop any of your blood thinners. It is important to let your surgeon know if you've had any heart stents inserted in the last six months.

Diabetic medications: Any diabetic tablet medications should be withheld on the day of surgery. If you take injectable insulin, please contact us for specific instructions about your insulin. This will depend on the timing of your surgery.

All other medications: You should take all of your other regular medications as per usual unless you have been told by your surgeon to stop them.

Q. What if I'm feeling unwell before my procedure?

If you are feeling unwell in the days leading up to your procedure, you should see your GP and contact your surgeon.

If you are feeling unwell on the day of surgery, present to the hospital as planned. On arrival, you should advise the nursing staff of your symptoms. You will be assessed by a nurse and your anaesthetist who will talk to you about the safety of having an anaesthetic at that time.

Q. What can I do to make my anaesthetic safer?

We recommend the following strategies:

  • Stop smoking - ideally six weeks before surgery, but the longer the better. You should never smoke 24 hours before your procedure. See your GP for help to quit smoking.
  • Regular exercise - whether it's regular walking or hitting the gym, exercising for half an hour a day will improve your health.
  • Avoid alcohol - alcohol has many ill-effects on your health and should be avoided prior to your procedure.
  • Follow all fasting and medication guidelines.