In-rooms sedation

Pacific Anaesthesia provides a portable sedation service for surgeons and dentists wanting to complete minor surgery in their own facility. In-rooms sedation is safe and cost-effective, providing patients piece-of-mind and a positive experience.

Pacific Anaesthesia’s in-rooms sedation service combines its highly regarded anaesthetists with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a premium sedation service. With monitoring and delivery systems that rivals operating theatre equipment, our anaesthetists can deliver effective and safe sedation. You can be assured that your patients are receiving the best possible care.

The applications of sedation are numerous. Whether it’s for the anxious patient or for minor surgery more easily completed with a relaxed patient, sedation can offer your practice the flexibility to provide a wider range of services without the need for a day facility.

Our administrative staff are there to guide you and your patients throughout the whole process. Facility requirements are minimal and include oxygen and suction, which we can help you arrange. The equipment we bring takes only a small footprint in your procedure room. Patients receive a Medicare rebate for all dental and surgical procedures with an appropriate MBS item number.

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