Need an anaesthetist?

Pacific Anaesthesia can help find an anaesthetist to cover your list. There is no need to waste valuable time emailing or calling multiple anaesthetists when we can find an anaesthetist for you. Whether cover is required for well-established surgeons looking for regular list cover or occasional leave requirements, or new surgeons starting their practice needing occasional cover for cases and lists we are here to help.

Working with Pacific Anaesthesia provides the following benefits:

  • High-quality anaesthetists who are committed to providing exceptional service to surgeons and patients
  • Fair and responsible anaesthetic fees
  • Detailed and easy-to-read information sent to patients about their anaesthetist, anaesthetic and fees using patient-friendly electronic means, enhancing the anaesthetic journey
  • Simple and efficient patient booking service
  • Cover for ad hoc lists or emergency cases

Please contact us if you require an anaesthetist.

Pacific Anaesthesia is proud to support Lifebox, improving surgical and anaesthetic safety around the world.
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